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Y halo thar, flist. I haven't posted anything especially interesting in a while, have I? I shall now attempt to remedy that with this handy list. :D

1. "It'll blow over in about an hour," huh, Ani? Last night was probably the worst storm we've had in a while. Damn thunder and lightning kept waking me up. I have, however, discovered a solution. It seems if I open my blinds just a tiiiiiiiiny bit, just enough for me to see out over my fortress o' pillows (I should take a picture. No one will believe my pillow fortress otherwise) then it stops the storm from waking me up so much. I'm not sure what part of my brain equates being able to SEE the storm with being able to sleep through it, but meh. I've never claimed to be normal.

2. Movies I have seen this last week. Cut for your spoilery protection.
So, the OotP movie. I wasn't going to go, originally, because I'd haaaaaated what they did to Goblet of Fire, and I really wasn't that happy with the third movie, either. (And yes, shut up, I DID prefer the first two movies with Chris Columbus as director because they were more faithful to the book. THEY WERE KIDS MOVIES! GREAT DIRECTING IS NOT A REQUIREMENT... *ahem*) But my flist was all about how greaaaaaat it was, and how everyone should go seeeeee it, and my family wanted me to go with them, so I did.

And wow. I didn't really go in expecting much, but it was a GOOD movie! They managed to keep the integrity of the book, following the storyline with, I felt, a minimum of alterations (cause, y'know, some things just don't translate well) and while they did get rid of most of the side plots, that's totally understandable and they handled them in a logical way. There were a couple things I questioned, like Bellatrix hitting Sirius with the Killing Curse instead of the Cruciatus, so she killed him instead of the Veil. Which then made me go 'so.. why did Harry use Crucio on her? It's not reciprocal anymore.' But that was more of a nitpick, and overall I was pleased.

Simpsons! On a big screen! What could go wrong? In this case, absolutely nothing. I LOVED this movie. My brother had wanted someone to go with him, and we have a sort of standing agreement that we'll go to movies with each other if no one else wants to. That's how he ended up going to 300 with me, another WIN. Anyway. From the minute Homer insulted everyone in the audience, I was hooked. (No, literally. It was a great, indirect breaking of the 4th wall.) It was all the great Simpsons gags plus some all new ones, and a hint of PG-13ness that wouldn't make it past the TV censors. A++ Would LOL again.

Hairspray! EEEEEE! I loved the original so much, and I'd heard so many good things about the girl playing Tracy that I had to go. And how can you go wrong with Christopher Walken? There was much music and even more dancing and Queen Latifah and whee! Seriously, this was a goooooood movie. If you liked the original, I definitely recommend this one. It was loyal to the original while still being its own movie and not copying it directly. So many remakes fail horribly at that, but this one nailed it. Oh, and for the record, Travolta is no Divine, but he didn't make a bad Edna. Except the not-quite-accent. That was bugging me for some reason. I almost wish they could've brought in Harvey Fierstein. Now THAT would've been an all-star cast!

3. Whee, movies. Anyway, moving on. I was in my car the other day, listening to the radio, as ya do, and flipping through stations, when I caught the tail end of a song. A song that went like so- "We pray that he'll become a young man on his knees."

Now, let's just stare at that lyric for a moment, shall we?

Okay, done now? Anyway, this was the Christian station, so I'm sure the song had something to do with, y'know, actual PRAYER, but just coming in on that last lyric? Well, I thought it was funny, anyway.

4. And finally, for the serious portion of our program. Flist? Bubalas? C'mon. Let's stop with the mass hysteria. I know things might look bad, but apply a little logic to the situation and you'll see that a lot of people are overreacting. Not everyone, no, and LJ/6A could have handled this whole fiasco so much better and avoided this shit, but it's not the end of the world. They haven't said anything yet that we couldn't have seen coming. So watch yourself, take care to lock your art if it's questionable (yes, I know, that's not a 100% guarantee nothing'll happen, but it keeps random Joe off the street from reporting it), and take a deep breath.

I like my LJ home. I'm not planning on leaving. Now, can we get a group snuggle up in here? *snuggles her flist*
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