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Okay, this is starting to scare me. I'm Amanda in a couple of scenes from the Glass Menagerie (directing scenes, see below). Anyway, Amanda is southern. The southern accent is taking over my life. I'm almost afraid that I'm going to start doing it full time. This is the same thing that happened when I had to speak with a pseudo-Bosnian accent for a play last semester. I was speaking with a Bosnian accent at odd moments for months after the play closed. I don't know why these things stick with me so much, but aarrrrrrrgh! So I'm not doing it much yet, but I've noticed myself extending my 'a' sounds like in 'and' and the like. I'm also starting to think occasionally in a southern accent. It's scary. But I think I can conquer it...hopefully. My only saving grace is that I don't know how to say some words with the accent, so if I find myself slipping, I just think of really big words and it helps.

"Fight Club" is on TV. I've never seen it before. It's not as sucky as I thought it would be. In fact, it's actually a good movie. I find that I may have been underestimating Brad Pitt from the pretty-boy roles I've seen him in. It has not completely changed my opinion- not after "Troy"- but he has now passed Keanu Reeves status ("oh, so pretty. shhh, don't say anything") and has now accended to Orlando Bloom status ("Oh, so pretty. What? That's nice. shhhhhh"). His next step, of course, would be Elijah Wood status ("Oh, so pretty. Teehee, you don't say"), followed by Gordon Michael Wolvett status ("Oh, so pretty. OOOh, and a brain") and the pinical- Ewan McGregor status (Oh, so pretty. Oh, singing....teehee, squirk...*incoherent babble* pretty voice"). Yeah, quite a way to go to EM status, but few actors ever reach that level of achievement. Heck, few ever get past KR status and you'd think that would be easy. I love you Keanu, but Shakespearean you ain't. "I'm a man of few words" indeed. You ever get a chance to see the version of Much Ado About Nothing that he plays Don John in, go ahead and watch, but mute it whenever Keanu comes on screen.

Okay, yeah, this movie has just catapulted Brad past Orlando and nearly to Elijah, but not quite. This would put him roughly at the level of really cute guys who you never see in stuff anymore or jailbait like Sean Biggerstaff or Tom Felton, both coincidentally from Harry Potter. How happy is that.

Anyway, was in rehearsal so didn't go to the audition today. Not really upset about that. Didn't really want to do it, but figured maybe I should try to get SOMETHING else to put on my resume. But whatever. I don't like auditions. Never have, never will.

The kitty on my kitty calender today looks a lot like my kitty at home. I haven't seen my kitty in like six months and I miss her. It's sad. I hear from my mom that my kitty is like a lap cat now (and she's like 10 years old, so what do you expect?) but I'm having a hard time picturing the amazing flying furball that gave me most of the scars I've ever received becoming a lap cat. Becoming fat or lazy or homicidal I could see. But a lap cat? nah. My luck, I'll probably go home to see her in all her lap-cat glory and she'll claw my eyes out. sigh.

Wow, this was a long, completely inane post. I'm surprised at myself. Gonna try to maybe write something over spring break, maybe I'll post it if I succeed. Then again, maybe StarOcean, Bard's Tale, and Xenosaga will so consume my life that I'll chain myself to the TV downstairs and refuse to leave. We'll see. Anyone wanna place bets? :)
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