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writing and...stuff

I just got done reading _Just a Geek_ by Wil Wheaton who is this really cool actor and stuff but that's not the point of this story. (If you don't know who Wil is and really want to--which I recommend--go to www.wilwheaton.net, his site) Anyway, so I read this book, right, and he's talking about all the troubles he's had and everything, being an actor and starting out on a writing career, and I'm like, wow, if I decide to pursue the path I've set myself on, namely being an actor and writer (hopefully successful at at least one of the above) I'm going to be facing at least these problems if not more. Okay, probably way more just by dint of my not already being famous. So anyway, he started talking about how much it helped just having somewhere to vent, even if people weren't listening (although they were because he Wil Wheaton) and said his blog had helped him get out a lot that he needed to say. So I figured, hey, what the heck, I'll give it a try and see what happens. Can't hurt, anyway. And who knows, maybe somebody, someday, will notice this lonely little journal, and say "hey, this looks like a lonely little journal," and they will sit down and read it and it won't have been a huge waste of my time. Of course, being in college, no time spent not doing homework can actually be wasted.

I guess I'll just talk to myself for a while then and see if the...keyboard works, yeah. Looking for something good on TV (as if I'll ever find anything 'good' on TV) Exorcist III is on, but no way in heck I'll ever watch that again, couldn't sleep without seeing the priest's eyes, euuughh. OOOh, Mask of Zorro! Antonio Banderas (you can do the little r rolly thing with the last name if you want) I like him, a lot. Just a smidge hot...yeah.

On the off chance of someone glancing at this sometime between now and March (ha!) I'll mention the V-Day campaign, a very worthy cause. Women across the country join together to stop violence against women where ever it happens--domestic and spousal abuse, rape, war crimes, everything. Many places put on a play by Eve Ensler called the Vagina Monologues, a collection of monologues taken down by Eve from the stories of very real women. They are funny, heartwarming, sad, and horrifying. They tell every side of what it is to be a member of the "weaker sex." Here in Lincoln, Nebraska, we are lucky enough to have a very active theatre community and are putting on one of thousands of productions happening across the country. Go out and see one if you get a chance, all proceeds go to women's organizations like half-way houses, awareness programs, and the like. Let it be your good deed of the year.

Okay, seriousness aside, I'm thinking of posting some of my stories up here. I mean, if anyone should ever happen across them, maybe I'd even get some feedback on them. Heck, at least it would give me a chance to get them out of microsoft word and air them out a bit. They're getting moldy sitting in my doc. folder.

Oooh, random thought just occurred to me. I'm going to see Mamma Mia! when it's here in Lincoln! Whoo! Maybe if I'm not MIA on this journal by that time, I'll type something up about it. I almost said 'tell you all about it' but that would be lying, cause there are no 'you all' out there. I wish there was, and maybe my February there will be, but there isn't right now, so oh well. I'll make sure the...keyboard...is working, yeah.
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