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So I come over to check out my lovely journal here, yes? And when I get here, I find that all of my settings have been changed. My journal is, in fact, now PINK. Yes, you read that correctly, PINK! MY journal, in pink. It was horrific. I had to change it immediately. Which I did. So it is now back to what it was before, more or less. Some stuff was added. Funness.

Doing a southern accent for the Glass Menagerie acting scene I'm in. Yeah, don't know how that's gonna turn out. Sounds okay, sorta, to me, but I don't really have that great an ear for accents. So we'll see. Rehearsals for both scenes are going well. First view is Wednesday morning.

Ow, sudden tummy ache. Icky.

Anyway, life is going interestingly. I kinda like it now that I'm not running around practically 24/7. It's kinda relaxing even. And then next week is spring break. Yay for spring break. A week (more or less) of sleeping and video games. Maybe with some TV watching thrown in for good measure. :) I'm looking so much forward to it. That was an odd sentence. Oh well, you can see how much I'm looking forward to it.

Poor Danny :( I'm watching SG-1. He's so cute when he's got puppy-dog eyes. sniff. I really like Stargate. It's a good show.

Excited about the movement workshop tomorrow. Very excited. Can't wait excited.

Very spastic in my writing today I see. Oh well, that happens sometimes. Probably why I'm not going to try to write my report for acting class today. Yes, we have reports in acting class. They have to have some way to grade us. Anyway, just finding it kinda hard to string coherent thoughts together, as you can probably see.

Frosted Mini-Wheats commercial on TV. Mini-wheats taste like tree bark. Not that I would know what tree bark tastes like, but I assume that it must taste at least that good, if not better than the FMWs. They are horrible. The frosting only adds to the suckage. Better name would be "Leaves and Twigs." At least that tells us what we're getting in to.

Might be going to an audition on Wednesday. Not sure, but it's possible. More about that later, if I decide to go.

Suppose I'll go now. Vegetate some more. Concentration is basically non-existent today. XXXOOO <3 ME
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