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yet more memes, whee!

Drop me a comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list, and 3 of your icons, for you to explain. (You can explain in comments if you want, you don't need to do a whole post unless you feel like it.)

rhye asked about these.

chrono cross- Chrono Cross was one of the very first rpgs I ever played. FF8 was the veryvery first, then FF7, Legend of Dragoon, and Chrono Cross were the three games my brother got me as 'congratulations, you're cool now' presents when I decided I really liked playing games. XD I always wanted Serge to have a happier ending than he did. Of course, I also always wanted to know if his name was pronounced 'surge' or 'sair-gay' like Russian or something. Ah, the days before voice acting in games. [/nostalgic tear]

kakashi- Kakashi-sensei is the coolest ninja since sliced bread. I was on quite a Naruto kick for a while there, reading the manga, and Kakashi was my favorite. Don't tell Sasuke. >.>

rubedo- JR! Rubedo, aka Gaignan Kukai, Jr. or just Jr., is from the Xenosaga series. He's quite possibly one of my favorite video game characters ever. Plus, he's got a fun, angsty backstory. *purr*

Hakuryu and Goku, from Saiyuki. Such cuties. This ep, Goku has just fallen down a very steep cliff, not unlike a well. And Hakuryu.. well, the Hakuryu = Lassie jokes abound. Plus, I was just making icons and thought that would be a cute quote for this image. I like how this icon turned out.

HARPER! Seamus Zelazny Harper super genius from the Sci-Fi series Andromeda. It was such a good show back in the day. Anyway, I (once again) was just making icons and decided to stick the words on. He is a little evil genius sometimes, is Harper.

*laughs* The emoturtle! I don't remember the exact circumstances anymore, but I was talking to a friend, and we were talking about our emo rp characters, when I THINK I called one of them an 'emoturtle.' I'm sure it made sense in the context of the conversation. Maybe. I happened to be making other icons at the time (wow, that's a recurring theme) so I went and found a pic of a vaguely emo-looking turtle and.. voila.
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