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ok, folks, show's over, nothing to see here...

Well, it will be soon, anyway. Show closing is today, which also means strike is today, but with like 50 people helping out, it shouldn't take too long. Yes, I'm back, after almost a week of no entries. You all can thank the insistent prodding of a certain someone who-shall-not-be-named, but she knows who she is. I of course mean this in the nicest way possible. :) So I decided to post a little mini-post before I got ready for the show today. I promise to post more once I'm not doing a show every night.

Just as a side note, FullMetal Alchemist last night was just so aaaaawwwwwwwww and then my mom calls in the middle of it. sigh. I tried not to be rude, but it was bad timing, and I'm going to see her today, so I can apologize. But it was the best ep I've watched yet in my opinion. Mom's just good at calling me in the middle of shows. She's never hit on a commercial yet.

Spring break starts the 13th and I am more than ready for it. I just want to sleep in. That's all, just sleep in. But no, the last like month, I've had to get up on Saturdays, my only day to sleep in. It's a conspiracy. I don't think I've actually had time to sleep in since Christmas break. Well, I'll be doing plenty of it during Spring break, never fear. Speaking of conspiracies to keep me from sleeping in, I actually have to get up EARLY two days this week. At like 8:00. Which is early. I don't like getting up early. It's not nice. I like being warm and fuzzy in bed then slowly drifting awake during a wonderful dream. Preferably a dream involving Elijah Wood or Ewan McGregor. But no, can't do that, nope, never. grrrrr

Happier note, I get to go to a movement workshop on Tuesday. Supposedly going to do some clowning and stuff, but I'm not quite sure. I know there are at least a couple of people I know going, so it should be a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to it. Not looking forward that I'll be out of my room from noon until 8:00 that night, but that's the price you pay.

I suppose I actually have a lot more to talk about, I mean, I did miss a week of stuff after all. But all that interesting stuff will have to wait. I have to go get ready for the show. Maybe I'll post more up later. Then somebody should be very happy. ;)
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