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Mar. 11th, 2007 @ 01:55 pm OMG I HAVE TO GROW UP WUT?!?!?!
Sis picked up some apartment shopping stuffs at the store today. Y'know, the ones that are free monthly/bi-monthly listings of... well, apartments. Spent the morning looking through them, marked a few as interesting/in our price range (preferably both). Now I just have to see when Ani has time so we can drive out to a couple of them and pick up brochures, maybe get a tour and stuff. Plus, we have to start figuring out just how much we can both budget for all this stuff. Responsibility is icky. *pouts*

So, yes. This is the week of apartment shopping. Maybe. Hopefully.

In other news, the circus is next weekend. I am ridiculously excited. Circus yay!
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