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I'm so sleepy, but I've felt so bad about neglecting this thing, since I know there are a COUPLE of you out there reading this. I had to update. I've been way too busy the last couple of days, but if I can just get through the next couple of hectic days, I'll be fine. I think. Maybe. But the rehearsals for Vagina Monologues are not as bad as some shows I've worked on, they're just soooooo long. But I they're pretty fun, too. And starting tomorrow, we'll have an audience, so the energy will pick up some. Hopefully, anyway. :) We'll see tomorrow. I can't wait to see what an audience will think of the show. It's so much fun. Learning a lot, too.

Life is going interestingly. Had a mini-nervous breakdown yesterday. That was fun. I think I was anticipating how crappy today would be. And it was crappy. Not really in a bad way, exactly, just in a 'oh great, what more could happen?' no time to breathe way. Something like that. An almost five-hour rehearsal didn't help. Talking to my bro just now did, though, so it's not so horrible.

I need to pet a kitty.

Till next time, just remember: the clitoris is a bundle of 8,000 nerves, which is twice the number in the penis.
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