Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

The Good, The Bad, and The Weeeeeeeeird

We'll do the weird first, just cause I'm like that.

WTF driving directions? o.O I wonder if those are even followable.

Second, the good! Another two Santa gifts arrived today! That makes Missouri, Oregon, Wyoming, and Tennessee. For the folks I haven't squeed over this to yet, here's the story. Last week I got a card in the mail from 'A. Elf' and postmarked Belton, MO. Inside was a gift card to Barnes & Noble, and a form letter:

Sorry this is late this year. My gift sack sprung a leak and, before I knew it, things had fallen out all over North America. I sent my elves out to get what had fallen as soon as I got back to the North Pole, but they were tired and grumpy and slow to find things.

You'll have to excuse the form letter. Elves have horrible handwriting, so I gave this to them before they left.

Merry Christmas, even if it's a little late.

Who says you can't celebrate Christmas in January?


Two cards and two packages later, each has had the form letter and a handwritten note from an elf. I have no idea who arranged these to be sent, which is just adding to the fun, I guess. They literally bring a smile to my face every time I get one, which is something I've been needing the last couple days. Maybe it really IS Santa and the elves? ;D Well, I can dream, right?

...And, y'know what? I'm too happy with my fuzzy socks (gift #4, from Tennesse) to post the bad right now. It'll have to wait. Happy Belated Holidays, everyone.
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