Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

post-Christmas OCD

I got the card today, yuuo and kuchenhexe. Warm fuzzies, thankee.

Anyway, the point of this post is that FF12 is eating my life. I got it for Christmas, but I didn't get to start playing it till yesterday because for some reason it refuses to play nice with my controller which works perfectly fine on all my other games, just not FF12. The Triangle and Select buttons don't register. I have no idea why. Since they get you to the map screen and the menu, I kinda couldn't play without them. Anyway, switched to my nephew's controller last night and it worked fine. Go figure. Six hours in now, loving the pretty, enjoying watching the battles, and it's eating my life.

I am also highly enjoying the cookies my grandma made me for Christmas. You should all be quite jealous. They are that good. That is all.
Tags: family, gaming

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