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Nov. 21st, 2006 @ 08:44 am (no subject)
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Well, finished my paper. At 3:00 last night, actually. I'm going over it now to see if it's as much a piece of crap as I thought it was. It is. It also, however, follows the guidelines, and since I don't think he'll look any closer than to see if we HAVE 13-15 sources and used the headings, I don't think he'll notice. The paper itself probably took me MAYBE five hours. Maybe. So why was I still working on it at 3 in the morning, you ask? Because I'm lazy and it was boring. BORING I TELL YOU!!!!

So, yeah. It's done. Now I'm just being slow and proofreading it. Y'know, in case he does, SOMEHOW, get off his fat ass and actually read the papers. It's better than my other option, which is clean the room, since I'm heading home for Thanksgiving break tonight. Much as I love being with family, I miss my intarwebs. I'll actually have to be doing homework, too. Scary, ne?

You WILL be getting a con recap eventually, complete with pictures, assuming I get them uploaded. eheh -_-;; See above, re: lazy.
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