Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

It must have been a sign...

I saw a three-legged dog today. Yeah, it was weird.

Then, in my Epic Tales class, my prof (who is a typical Classics prof and therefore somewhat insane) starts talking about Numa Numa. .. Yes, THAT Numa Numa. It was surreal. Plus, went to see him for advising the other day... his office would make Tenpou proud. Books covered literally every surface except for the two chair. He barely had room for his computer on the desk. It was great.

The Numa Numa weirdness comes on top of my Theatre History prof mentioning Muichimotsu in class the other day. No, he didn't call it that, but he was talking about Buddhist philosophy and non-attachment and started talking about "If you meet the Buddha in the road, kill the Buddha." Yeah. Surreal.

Oh, and by the way? To a certain someone who knows what I'm talking about...

ZOMFG SQUEEEEEEEEEE BBB EP 9 SUB ON YOUTUBE!!! o.o Zelman's even more cool when I know what he's saying. "You'll remember this, won't you? You're in my debt now."
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