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Went to see RENT tonight! Whee!!!!

Seeing it live again was such a great experience. I'd forgotten how much fun it could be. The Mimi was AMAZING. Normally Mimi is my least favorite character/voice, but this girl was just ON the entire time. The Collins was pretty good, too, and the Mark was good except that he kept every now and then forgetting his cues. He was jumping on Roger's lines during Tune-up #1 and he forgot to say 'Ooh, that show's so sleezy' during Alexi Darling's first call in Act 2. It was funny, because Joanne was standing next to him, and you could see her facepalm, then nudge him in a 'hey, it's okay' sort of way. XD Angel forgot a line during La Vie Boheme, but it probably wasn't really noticeable unless you were singing along in your head like I was. ^_^;;;

Roger... was British. Seriously, his actor was British and you could TELL, moreso when he was singing than when he was speaking, but it was obvious. And he stood a bit like the lead singer from Creed when he was singing. Very 90's punk rocker. It was... interesting, for Roger. Meh. He was still good, and his and Mimi's voices blended PERFECTLY.

There was some sort of problem during Rent (the first song, not the entire musical). I think their playback was wonky, because the singers were about a half beat behind the musicians. It was weird, and kinda made me go ow, but they got it fixed by about Collins' entrance.

I forgot how dead Nebraskan audiences are at live performances. It was kinda sad, because it's a ROCK OPERA! It's sposed to get people pumped and excited and totally emotionally invested, and they just don't. Ah well. I still had a rockin' good time and was about THIS close to singing along to a couple of songs. YAY RENT!!!
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