Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

fic/icon/info dump with a CHALLENGE

I should totally be doing homework, but....

1.Fic dump and icon dump over on envious_muses including (but not limited to) FMA, Diabolo, Saiyuki. Go read, comment, enjoy the fruits of my labor, such as they are...... Ah, who'm I kidding? I'm a comments whore. Feed my addiction.

2. I never got around to posting about this when it happened, but my mom is finally out of the hospital. The docs are apparently surprised by how well she's recovering for someone who had the treatment she did. She's really tired and worn out all the time, but I think she's getting better. Thank you to all those people who kept her in their thoughts or lit a candle for her or anything. She means the world to a lot of people.

3. Finally, because I'm not procrastinating enough, apparently- I'm doing the interest icon challenge. Comment here and I'll choose one of your interests to make an icon out of. You get no say in which interest, and I don't guarrantee quality.

... and sure, why the heck not, I'll add in a drabble to go along with the icon. So comment with a character/pairing and I'll make you an icon and a drabble. I'm booooooored, folks.
Tags: family, writing

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