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to people living with, living with, living with, not dying from disease

Haven't mentioned this much lately, least not on LJ. For those who may or may not have been around middle of April this year, my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is a cancer of the plasma cells. Her kidneys had failed because of it, so they put off treating the cancer directly until her body was taking care of itself better. Today marks one week for her without any dialysis.

Tomorrow she goes in for chemotherapy, after which she'll be checked into the hospital for three weeks. Tuesday they'll be giving her a stem cell transplant, and they say that's when she'll really start getting sick, most likely. She's going to be really susceptible to illness for a few months now, so we have to be careful when we see her that she doesn't get sick, because her immune system will be severely compromised. My aunt got her a wig for when she loses her hair, but Mom doesn't think she'll need it because she thinks it'll be weird to not have hair one day and have it the next. She says people are going to notice either way, so why bother?

Talked to her for a while today on the phone. She sounds good, even if the shot they've been giving her to hopefully ward off the sores in the mucus membranes that a lot of people with this type of cancer get after chemo is making her ankles swell. She says she's watched more TV over the last couple of days than she has over the last year. I don't doubt it. She's never enjoyed just sitting around when she could be getting things done.

I could go on and on with stories about my mom. She is the best, nicest, most giving and loving and caring person I have ever (and probably WILL ever) meet. Course, then I'd end up flooding your flists and that just wouldn't be nice, now would it?

So, flist, if you have a few extra minutes tomorrow or today, or during the next few weeks, any prayers or good thoughts would always be appreciated.
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