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Still not dead...mostly...

Don't think I'm dead, anyway, but some people say ghosts are just spirits of people that don't know they're dead. Like Professor Binns in Harry Potter. So maybe I'm dead and just don't know it. I'm awfully tired enough to be dead. I've been dead to this journal for the last couple days. So maybe, this post has really been typed up by a ghost who doesn't know she's a ghost. That would be really cool. I envy all you out there reading something typed up by a ghost. If I am a ghost, though, I would definitely like to be a poltergeist, cause they're like evil without being EVIL so I would do just enough to be annoying but not enough to get them to bring in a priest. Yeah, that's a plan. You'd think the roomie would have noticed by now if I was dead, though. But she's not really all that observant sometimes, so it could have just escaped her notice, especially as I'm still hanging around and doing lj posts and such. I shall have to attempt to move something telekinetically to prove my ghostly powers to her later after she wakes up. Yeah. I'll go do that.
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