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home? home-away-from-home? home-that-isn't-really-home-but-no-other-word-quite-works?

Spent the last couple days back on the farm (yes, it's as hick-like as it sounds) with the parents. Mom was obsessing about my car again, promised to drop the subject completely if I'd just let her mechanic look at it one more time... so I did. Scary thing is, he just might have fixed it this time. *knock on wood* Only been having this problem for the past year and a half, despite taking it to multiple mechanics, but meh, if this works and is an actual solution? I will never doubt my mother's advice again. At least not on this kind of stuff.

So I spent Sunday and Monday there, headed back here earlier today cause she had dialysis to go to. She starts the stem-cell harvesting next week... I think my seeing her is helping me be less worried. Still, any prayers or thoughts you'd want to direct her way over the next few weeks, flist, would be much appreciated. This thing isn't beaten yet. I was actually enjoying staying there, but I move back to the dorms on Thursday, so I couldn't very well extend my stay. Leaving hurt, really hurt, like I hadn't just gone back for a visit but was leaving for the first time all over again. At the same time.. it was my room, but not. I hadn't stayed in it for over a year, and.. well, it's just not my home anymore, much as I might like it to be, you know? Ah well. Spose it's true, what they say. You really can't go home again.
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