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Finally, I manage to prove that I am (supposedly) smarter than the LJ user interface. In the course of messing around with the customization page, I finally figured out how to turn off the custom comments pages. Now, don't get me wrong, they were kinda nifty, and they didn't screw things up too much on this journal, but some of my rp journals were getting horribly messed up by the custom comments pages. So those're gone.

Also, for those of you who hate the nav bar with a vengeance (although I don't see why, cause it's kinda handy) you can customize its colors now. I know it not matching your layout was a big reason for some of you to hate it, so there you go. I'm not messing with mine yet, but I might eventually.

In other news- I was tutoring a fellow student for my biopsych class before the final this last week, and she offered to send me an email to tell me how she did (since class will be over and I won't talk to her again otherwise). She's a nun from some other country (don't ask me why she's in Nowhere, Midwest, USA going to college) and since English wasn't her first language, she needed help on the language as much as anything else. (Keep the nun part in mind, it will become important later.) So, I write my real name and email address for her. Now, my real name ends in an i, which often leads people to think it's a nickname or something. I hate people for that, but there ya go. Anyway, so she asks me what my REAL name is, and I tell her that it is my real name, and that was the end of that.

.....but I was about two seconds from telling her to call me Plague. Is telling a nun to call you one of the Four Riders really THAT much of a sin? She did say she'd pray for me, though.... which makes me wonder if that'll make her rosary beads catch on fire. A devout person, I am not.

FotA? You see what I do for you?
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