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Bwahaha, chats of doom are fun Part 1 and Part 2. This is what happens when a large number of people with a large number of pups all get together in one chat.

My favorite part occured just after Hakkai took his limiters off. He's pretty freaking cool looking in his demon form. The following snippet has been editted just a bit so it didn't take up too much room, but the relevant posts are all still there. The posts I took out involve Hakkai and Kanan fighting to the death, so assume that kind of atmosphere and this is all that much funnier. XD

monkeyneedsfood: Koumyou: My everyone is so energetic
TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *waves to Koumyou lightly*
CorsecGreenXWing: collective muses in Plague's head that are not hakkai: we're staying out of this
monkeyneedsfood: Koumyou: smiles waves back
ladymcquillion: Ran: *waves to Koumyou*
LightfootHerald: ...
authorkun: Sanzo: *is Not Involved*
LightfootHerald: *DUCKS AND COVERS HI*
ladymcquillion Mun: Ooooh, pretty hakkai-demon. *distracted now*
monkeyneedsfood: Koumyou: smiles waves back
grimbitter: Mun: *nods*
TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *also distracted*
authorkun: At least there's no minus wave thingy here. *nice view, this is*
ladymcquillion: Nagi: That's kinda hot
authorkun: Sanzo: *eyetwitch**smoke*
CorsecGreenXWing: you know, watching hakkai just roll his eyes over here in my head is kinda fun
TeenaMegumi3: *grin*
CorsecGreenXWing: he should get mass-complimented more often XD
monkeyneedsfood: Dokugaku: Yeah that's hot, I mean no I like chicks
TeenaMegumi3: *dead*
grimbitter: Mun: youkai!Hakkai. Yum.
TeenaMegumi3: Lirin: Hot? It doesn't feel that warm in here... *blinkblink*
TeenaMegumi3: So adorable, so clueless.... *gently shoos Lirin off*
authorkun: Sanzo: *mutters* Damn perverts.
grimbitter: Gojyo: *raises an eyebrow at Doku* Uh-huh.

And this icon is just very, very appropriate.
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