Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

a question and a funny

First off, for those of you who RP in LJ comms - I'm thinking of joining one, but it seems like it might end up with lots of... well, sketchy rpers? Any advice?

Secondly, hehe, saw Ernie Chambers walking his dog today. XD Probably only those of you from Nebraska will have any idea who I'm talking about, but he's this crazy state legislator who's known for filibusting and other obnoxious traits, such as wearing a scruffy T-shirt and jeans to meetings of the Unicameral. He's kind of a state celebrity, almost. Anyway, he's got this little toy poodle, froofiest dog ever. It almost matches his beard. :D Man, gotta love bus routes that go right by the Capitol.
Tags: randomness

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