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two funny things

Saw a bumper sticker the other day. Big letters "Earth First" which wouldn't normally be so odd, there be more than a few hippy tree-huggers in the area, but then, in smaller print under "Earth First"- "We'll destroy the other planets later."

hee, this bumper sticker is going up there with "Jesus died to pay for our sins, so we should get our money's worth" in my list of bumper stickers that made me happy.

Also, was driving along after dropping the nephew off at daycare today, listening to a monologue from Hakkai who's been getting lots of angstiness over on Sages (if you don't know what any part of that sentence means, trust me, you probably don't want to) and, of course, because it's Hakkai, the subject of personal worth came up. No sooner did the thought cross my mind than I pulled up behind a car with the personalized license plate "URWRTHY".

I giggled the rest of the way home.
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