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Feb. 10th, 2005 @ 08:46 pm Need a BREAK!
Current Mood: cheerfulprocrastination is your friend
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Wow, a second entry in one day, amazing. Know why???? Cause I'm avoiding my history test studying! Surprise there. Remember kids, never do your homework in a timely fashion, always put it off until the last possible second that you could actually get it done, then wait five more minutes.

Actually, getting pretty far in my studying and know surprisingly more than I thought I did. I am happified (yes, that is now a word) by the fact that my birthday is even closer now. A mere 27 hours away. Not that I will be awake to see the 27 hour mark, but I will know it has passed. :) Funness will ensue. Okay, off to shower and waste more time. Yay.
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