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whee back! :D


Anyway, how's everyone doing? :D Being out of the loop for a week is weeeeeeeird, BUT! I return bearing PICTURES! XD Enjoy the retelling of my exploits as anarchist as tourist in San Antonio.

Hokay, so. First day of vacation. We got up, had breakfast, blah blah blah, headed to Omaha to catch the plane. See Tad, Plague-kitty of the Apocalypse, enjoying his first ever flight.

We get there, no mishaps, all is happiness. Rent the car, head to the hotel. See Tad enjoying both.

Oh yeah, that's my fam in the background, and about half my nephew over on the left side.

Here's Tad and the nephew's stuffed dog Tucker (named after our late, dearly beloved border collie) enjoying the comfyness of the couch in the hotel room.

And Tad enjoying the view out the window... which was just the parking lot, but he's a kitty. They like windows regardless.

We needed food so we hiked out to the Riverwalk, and what did we find? XD

After eating, we settled in for the night and chilled out, watching some tv, swimming in the pool, doing that kinda tourist-y stuff.

Monday we headed out to the San Antonio Zoo. We were all a bit less than impressed, but I suppose that's what happens when you live just an hour away from one of the premier zoos in the country or something like that. They did have some reaaaaaally cool animals, but their habitats and the general layout of the zoo just left something to be desired.

They did have hyenas. :D... except that this one spent the entire time we were watching him pacing and headtossing... which was kind of sad to watch... He was pretty, though.

There are ducks EVERYWHERE in San Antonio. Even in the zoo. AND ZOMG DUCKLINGS! (I would have had more pictures of ducklings of various sizes, cept... aheh, kinda accidentally set my camera on 'fireworks' so it was overexposing everything and it took me like a half hour to figure out what was wrong ^_^;;)

There was really no reason for this pic cept that I thought the word 'aardwolf' was cool, and wanted to get a picture of it.

aaaaaaaangry ostrich. It was hissing at us.

Olliphants. And, hey Krill.. didn't you say it was bad for African and Asian elephants to be kept in the same pen? Anyway, what you can't see in this photo is the giant equipment right behind me as I took it. They were remodelling or something and the noise was almost deafening. I felt more than a little sorry for all the animals that had to live RIGHT NEXT to the backhoes and everything. The rhinos had it worse than the elephants, even, but I couldn't get a good picture.

I took these next two pics for Krill.. unfortunately, my camera skills suck and they both turned out blurry... oops.

Hey look! Okapi.. um... It's artsy!

And Om! :D (also artsy)

Swans aren't graceful all the time.

This thing's horns were almost bigger than it was.

Okay, this pic, I actually WAS going for artsy. The look of the croc amongst all the fallen flower petals was just too cool. Death among beauty, sort of thing.

These things are TURKEYS! Do you see what we've bred those ugly white domestic things down from?

This little owl was kinda pissed at me for disturbing his nap just to take a picture, but it was his fault for watching me as I walked around his cage.


Tad greeting the newest member of my plushie family.. or pouncing on him... I wasn't quite sure.

After the zoo, we went out to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was great fun and most tasty.

I'm not sure how well you can read that, but it says "All is One" above the kitchen. It made me giggle.

Random pic of a really cooly shaped building. One of the oldest sky-scrapers in the country, the oldest south of Chicago or something like that.

Okay, my bro-in-law told me about this bar. It's called Dick's, and apparently.. all the employees are dicks. Really. Like you go in there and they're all... dicks. Yeah, I didn't quite get the appeal of lousy service, either, but apparently it's pretty popular. Go figure.

Tuesday, we went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Fun theme park. It was overall pretty good. First thing, we go to this latin dance show... and guess who gets pulled up on stage to dance. Yep, yours truly. I don't think I did too shabby and it was waaaaaaaay fun AND I got a free CD out of the thing. So, all in all, very worth it. Second show we go to? My BRO-IN-LAW gets pulled up out of the crowd. Put the fear of God into my sis, though, so she made sure she and my nephew were WELL out of the way at all the other shows we went to. :D

So then we see Pepe LePew outside and go to take a pic with him. I happened to be wearing one of my kitten shirts that day (yeah, wasn't planning THAT one at AAAAAAALL, nope ;D) and as I walk up, the girl goes "Look, Pepe, she's got your girlfriend on her shirt!" At which point, he grabs me and starts pulling me off to the side away from Porky who was also taking pics there. The characters are always fun, but it's great when they get into the act like that. After we took the pic, he went down on one knee to propose or something. I think this officially equals my mom's story of being hit on by Mickey Mouse... then again, maybe not.

A completely unrelated Porky pic, this time with most of the fam.

End of a good day at Six Flags. We took this right before the fireworks show.

Wednesday, we spent the day wandering around the Riverwalk. Went on the boat cruise, got a couple fun pics. This first one is of the same building I took a pic of before, only this time from the river. It's not the best angle but from a bit more of an angle, the building looks like it's just a single wall standing by itself. Quite the cool optical illusion.

This building has little gargoyle waterspouts. They're very cool.

Wednesday was mostly just a lazy day. Had some fun, ate some good food, did some touristy stuff. Overall, fun at minimum energy expenditure.

Thursday was our day at SeaWorld. Every show had cute guys in it! It was like cute guy heaven! I didn't get pics of most of them, unfortunately. My sis did, though. XD I did get a pic of this guy, the DJ at the ski party show. He wasn't as cute as the guy at "Viva" who reminded me of Harper, but he was cute.

It isn't SeaWorld without Shamu. Here he is as he soaks my family, who were silly enough to sit in the splash zone... You will notice I am much higher up in the seating.

The smaller whale with, I'm not sure if you can really see this in the photo, fish blood running out of his mouth. At least, I assume it was just fish blood.

Between SeaWorld and Six Flags, I think I may have eaten enough churros to.. well.. do something with. Did I mention I LOOOOOOOOOOVE churros? They are God's gift to fried food.

Friday was another wander around the Riverwalk day. Did I mention that the ducks-



This little guy was a... uh.. yellow-crested night heron, I think it was. He fell out of his nest and was left standing on the river bank all day. He was very cute and sad looking. We were all hoping mama and papa would find him eventually.

Oh yeah, and the pigeons are everywhere, too. The scary thing is, they almost act like normal birds down there, instead of the flying rats you find up here.

This tree is apparently over 300 years old. Which was cool enough to earn it a photo. I didn't get a pic of the tree growing out of the side of a building a little ways down the river. It had apparently been washed there by a flood and just decided to take root in the side of this restaurant.

Finally, Saturday rolled around and it was time to head home. Here's Tad, enjoying his last bit of freedom in the San Antonio airport before getting on the plane. Behind him you can see the McD's we ate lunch at. Yep, first and last thing we ate there. Quite the full circle experience, don't ya know.

And we obviously got home okay, because I'm typing this up.

Hope you all enjoyed this little trip into my vacation. Still, I'm kind of happy to be back. I missed you guys. aaaaaaaaaaaaw, group hug XD
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