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Another day closer

An early morning entry, scary, ne? Yeah, well, it's because I'm avoiding studying for my whomping huge history test tomorrow. I know, shameless, but still. That's what this thing is for, right? To avoid homework? That's what they told me when I signed up, anyway.

I realized yesterday that I have probably officially become a heathen. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, and I considered going to church, I really did, I just didn't. Go, that is. I know. I should have. But the ashes always get stuck in my hair and it's a pain to get them out. bleh. So I didn't go.

Still not studying. Still not studying.

Wrote a (what I think is a) cute Harper drabble yesterday, again avoiding studying. It's posted over at harperchondriac . Maybe I'll cross-post it here sometime. Or you could go read it there, whatever.

If the stupid people next door don't stop blasting oldies music, I'm going to injure something. It's slightly quieter now, but only because before it was Diana Ross and she's got a good set of lungs. It's still loud enough that I can clearly make out the songs. Don't know the one playing now though. Better than the time the girl next door went on a "Sister Act" stint and played nothing but the soundtrack from "Sister Act"--still more than loud enough to hear-- for like three days. I think the roomie is getting slightly upset as well, because, unlike me, she's still pretending to sleep.

Finally, the big announcement. Yes, we are IN FACT, even CLOSER to my birthday than we were at my last posting. I know, time moves on, scary, isn't it? We are now T-minus 38 hours and 15 minutes as of this writing. teehee :) Can you tell I can't wait?
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