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Money, money, money

"Money, money, money, always sunny, in a rich man's world." Yes, ABBA is STILL running through my head. Difference is, instead of Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia! the songs are now Money, money, money and Honey, Honey. I think I'm working my way down the hit list. If I get all the way to Waterloo, someone shoot me. Likely my head will explode first, but just in case. Did have a break yesterday for a short while, when instead of ABBA, my brain was humming random songs from RENT. Musical mania. Yeesh.

As an aside, I would like to curse my brother, who will never read this, but he will know he's been cursed, for getting me addicted to yet ANOTHER random anime that I have no time to watch and so I will wonder what happens but never actually see it. I blame him for Escaflowne, Digimon and Pokemon (not really ANIME animes but I still blame hime) and a bunch of other non-anime but still addictive shows. This time it was Full Metal Alchemist. One episode, hooked. Yep. Just like that. Thanks a lot, Bro, remind me to get you stuck on watching a show that comes on at 2:30 in the morning next time, just to return the favor. It seems pretty cool. He's also trying to get me hooked on Inuyasha, which is also cool, but is just confusing enough that I can still hold off the "must watch" zombies (although, if that giant kitty is on again, I might have to break down and watch it), as well as Cowboy Beebop, of which I've never seen an entire episode, but I don't think I'll have to fight this one off as hard. Except, there is this really cute dog that does really cute stuff....ARGH! Stop getting me hooked on random animes!!!!! But, yeah, at least I can say I got him addicted to playing RPGs, time consuming much. He never would have bought himself Final Fantasy 8, and by extension all the Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Daxter series, if it hadn't been for me showing him how uber awesome (yes, I'm enjoying that phrase right now) it is to play those games. Maybe, at least. I'm gonna take credit anyway, so there.

Finally, yet ANOTHER day closer to the big day, the one, the only, yes MY DAY OF BIRTH! WOO!!! Yippie! and all such rejoicing sounds! Huzzah. I'll leave you all to ponder the wonderfullness.
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