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update part 2

Well, this certainly seems anti-climactic, but I spose I should be very happy about that.

The tests they've been doing showed that the calcium levels in her blood were way too high, so they think her parathyroid glands aren't working right. I'm not entirely sure how calcium can make your kidneys stop working, I mean, I remember hearing that it's really bad for you in too high a dose, but.... Eh, not the point. Anyway, they're going to try to fix the problem with medication, but if that fails they're going to remove the glands. Which would probably mean she'd be on pills for the rest of her life, but at least she'll be around to take them. She went in for dialysis again today, I'm not sure if this is going to be permanent or if getting the calcium under control will fix the kidneys, too, or what... I was always kinda under the impression that once your organs conked out on you, you were just screwed... I hope I'm wrong.

So... we still need your prayers. It looks like she'll be okay, but... Yeah, just keep us in your hearts and minds. She's one damn important lady.
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