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just when you think life can't get any worse...

You know, I keep thinking every time something happens that THAT is REALLY the worst life can throw at me, nothing else could possibly top it.... and then something does.

My mom's been having health problems for a while now, mostly because she refuses to go to the doctor for just about anything, ever. We've tried to convince her to go before, but... *shrugs* that's Mom, for you, never tries to take care of herself when she can be taking care of someone else.... Anyway, the story as my sister told it to me when she called a few minutes ago is this: My mom, for some reason, decided that she would go to the hospital to get herself checked out today. She headed over to Fairbury (although our town has a hospital, it's crappy and if you actually want to get BETTER, you don't go there) and she got checked out and they immediately sent her up here to Lincoln. Apparently her kidneys have stopped working, probably from all the pain meds and junk she's been on lately and they can't do dialysis (is that even spelled right?) at the small hospital in Fairbury.

This is not a pity post. I don't want all the "oh, hugs, it'll be alright" sentiments that usually follow this type of post, nice as those comments are. Just... if you read this, and you follow any religion or faith or way of life at all... hell, even if you don't.... pray for my family. My mom is the life of our family, we can't bear to lose her. *I* can't bear to lose her. Pray, send energy, meditate for her, whatever way of life you lead, I'm not one to turn down help wherever it may come from. I realize this may not be the most serious thing in the world, I don't know, I'm not a doctor or hell, even a biology major. Now I'm rambling. I don't know anything other than that she's being placed on dialysis and they don't know what exactly is wrong, or if they do, no one has told me about it. I figured you, whoever out there might read this, can maybe take a minute or two out of your day to think about a woman who has never wanted more out of life than to have her family happy and healthy.

I'm hoping it will turn out not to be serious. We all are. That's all we can do right now. I'm going to try to go on doing homework and goofing off and... just not think about this until I have to, I suppose. I have a lot to do in the next three weeks, and, at this point in time, I'm afraid school has to come before sitting in a waiting room waiting for news. My brother and sister are there, they'll let me know if anything happens. Maybe that's avoidant and stupid, but... I don't know. Family, (and those of you out there who have earned that name) if you're reading this, I love you. Time's too short sometimes not to say that every chance you get.

Heh... her birthday is in a week... happy birthday, Mom.
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