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Jan. 18th, 2005 @ 07:46 pm Wheeeeeeeeee!
Current Mood: mellowmellow
An interesting idea, allowing other people to see my thoughts. Not directly, you know, though that might be interesting...or maybe not. Hm... being connected directly to other people's minds...I think I can already hear someone thinking 'man, this entry has lots of ellipses.' As if anyone is actually ever going to read this. But if you are, then ignore that and stuff. Well, after much time of deliberation, I've finally decided to actually create myself a livejournal account. It is an interesting thing. I shall make no promises but shall attempt nonetheless to keep this thing going at least until I lose internet access over the summer. Please go read my bio for more weirdness about me, your oh-so-lovable host, then come back and maybe I'll have something up beside this slightly lame opening statement.
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