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Okay, I've had a couple of things happen lately, so I thought I'd do a short update.

First- I got a 98% on my Byzantine history test!! This made me very happy and yay. It was the highest grade in the class. As horrible and worthless as I've been feeling over the last couple test grades I've gotten (and shup, War, I KNOW they aren't that bad, but still) getting a good grade finally restored some of my faith in my studying abilities. Which is good since I have two tests as soon as I come back from spring break.

Second- I was tagged for the bribery meme by youko_astarael, so, in no particular order...

1. attention/affection
2. caramels
3. stuffed animals
4. a philosophical discussion on the uses of symbolism in just about anything
5. money

There's probably some other stuff that would fit, but... only 5, ya? And I don't feel like tagging anybody.
Tags: class, memes

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