Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

the birthday conspiracy

So... apparently, youko_astarael has been engaging in the planning of an Evil Plot(tm) with my family. Possibly for quite some time, I'm not sure. But today played out like this:

I woke up when I got a series of b-day phone calls. This was like noon. I'm just messing around when Ani (that is youko_astarael) tells me about 1:30 or so to get dressed and ready to go, that we have to go out for the Evil Plot(tm). She'd been mentioning said plot for a while, but I hadn't believed she'd actually done anything. Until now. So I get ready to go, it's almost 2:00 and she says "Get your shoes on, we have four minutes to get downstairs." At which point, I'm kinda 'wtf?' So we get downstairs (in the company of krillia who spent the night over because we generally kidnap her on weekends) and see Leighannah, another friend from anime club, coming down the hall... I am now officially suspicious. She told me later I got a 'deer in headlights' look as soon as I saw her. We get outside and my mom, sister, grandma, and nephew are waiting for us. Pictures and such ensue, until my mom goes "Joni, look, there's a sign over there. What's it say?" I look... and there's a limo sitting out in front. Yeah, color me surprised. I honestly hadn't seen it until she pointed it out. Anyway, we drove around, went to see my brother at his workplace since otherwise he wouldn't have got to see me on my birthday, went to my aunt's for food and presents, and generally had a good time. The first successful surprise party my mom has ever managed to pull off, and mostly thanks to the roomie. Thanks, Ani. ;D

So today turned out to be a good birthday, after all. Even though I'm now going to have to pull an all-nighter most likely to study for my theatre history test. But... c'est la vie, no? Gotta take these opportunities when you have them or they'll be lost forever. So a big, giant *HUG!* to everybody who had a hand in today. You guys made my week.
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