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krillia and I would just like the world to know that we are, indeed, most l33t.

CorsecGreenXWing: liek wh04
Krillia513: j0u 1$ /\/\0r3 1337 7h4n 7h47
CorsecGreenXWing: |\|0 1 i5 |\/|0r3 1337 7|-|4n |\| |\/|3
CorsecGreenXWing: t3h 1337x0r
CorsecGreenXWing: j00 c4n|\|07 8347 m4|-| 1337n355
Krillia513: |-|30|-|3/\/|-|31/\/\ 1$ /\/\0r3 1337 7|-|4/\/ j0u.
Krillia513: j3/\/ $4y$ $0
Krillia513: $0 7|-|3r3
Krillia513: !!1!
CorsecGreenXWing: !!1!!!!one!eleventy-one2446
Krillia513: wtf?
CorsecGreenXWing: don't you mean \/\/7f?
Krillia513: \/\/7|=
CorsecGreenXWing: *p0|<3*
Krillia513: j0|_| 4r3 $7r4|\|93
CorsecGreenXWing: j00 574r73d i7
Krillia513: /\/0. j0|_| P1P
CorsecGreenXWing: |\|0, j00 d1d \/\/17|-| "u kn0\/\/ 17"
Krillia513: /\/0 j0|_| @74r73p !7 \/\/!7|-| "0|-| r1y"
Krillia513: ! /\/33p3p 4 g00p r3p0$7
CorsecGreenXWing: 'o rly' 15 n07 1337
Krillia513: /\/0/ !7'$ b4p 3/\/91!$|-|
CorsecGreenXWing: \/\/3 83 1337
Tags: fota, randomness

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