Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

C'mon people

Okay, I know I just posted, but I gotta say something about this. I just got an email...from Voldemort. No, not the "real" one, it was spam to participate in an internet discussion group and win a copy of Book Six. But come on people. 1) Why would Voldemort be sending me an email, and 2) why would he care about me getting a free copy of Book Six for participating in a study? I mean the guys the DARK LORD! He doesn't care if I get a free book. He probably would want me to pay twice retail price for it, then skim off the top to finance some Death Eater campaign. He's not a nice guy, after all. Maybe an email from Dumbledore, or even Mundungus Fletcher if he was getting some commission for getting people to join the group. But not Voldy. Nope, never gonna happen. So this email was obviously a fake. Who ever sent it should probably watch his/her back. The DL doesn't take kindly to random people using his name.
Tags: randomness

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