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Happy New Year

It's like *checks clock* quarter to six in the morning, most everyone else is asleep, and I'm bored and messing around on Ani's comp. Yay. Happy New Year, indeed. Anyway, figured I'd post a meme, just cause I can, and it looked interesting over on yuuo's lj.

1. My username is ____ because ____.
My user name is corellianrogue because my favorite Star Wars character of all time is Corran Horn, who is both Corellian and a pilot in Rogue Squadron. Also, Corellians are often considered the 'rogues' of the galaxy since they'd usually rather make a living outside of polite society, e.g. smuggling, than living 100% by the law. I always figured if I could be from the Star Wars galaxy, I'd want to be from Corellia. Incidentally, my AIM user name, CorsecGreenXWing, also refers to Corran Horn and his personal X-Wing which he flies in Rogue Squadron which he had with him from his time in Corsec- the Corellian Security force.

2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
Heh, this just shows my unoriginality. "A Long Expected Journal" is, of course, a direct knock-off of the first chapter of Lord of the Rings- "A Long Expected Party." I chose it because, at the time I first got this journal almost a year ago, now, I thought it was rather witty and cute... And to tell you the truth, I still do. ;D

3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
"Mayhem and Madness may now commence." You know, I'm not entirely sure myself where that subtitle came from. I was just trying to find something that would sound good and.. well, there it is. I figure much of my life is made up of mayhem and madness, might as well warn folks right up front.

4. My default userpic is ____ because ____.
Currently, my default pic is my llamas icon. Heh, *sheepish* now there's a series of injokes. It's really two jokes turned into one. It's based on the fact that I have a small herd of llamas in my room, two stuffed and two little fuzzy figurines. I've apparently become somewhat associated with llamas among some of my friends... go figure. ;D Anyway, one of my Psych tests last semester had a question on it which said
40. Llamas?
A. Yes (just pick this answer)
B. Don't pick this
C. Don't pick this
D. Don't pick this
So of course, after answering yes to llamas... the icon bunny struck. I rather like this icon, despite the fact that it will never truly mean anything to anyone but me.

Hmm, anything else interesting in my life? Not that I can think of right now, but that may be as much due to the hour as to the relative dullness of my life. Happy New Year, folks. Hope this one goes at least as well or better than the last one.
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