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Watching the bowl game. Huskers not sucking too much, yet. Why am I watching it? Who knows. Misplaced loyalty, perhaps.

Nother week till I move back into the dorms. How time flies. Watched the nephew today, we went to Champions and messed around on the DDR machine for like a half hour. It was super fun, like whoa. I think I finally see why Ani spends hours messing with the game instead of doing homework. ;P

Anyway, I'm pouting because *I"M* online, but no one else is. *lonely* I wanna talk to people. I'm bored. I NEED ENTERTAINMENT!!! Jen, Ani, where are you? *pouts and wanders off to play flash games*

Oh yeah, War says hi and sends love to Famine and Death.
Tags: randomness

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