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I'm bored. Somebody entertain me! *pouts*

Seriously, I shouldn't be bored, yet. Breaks only just started, I have two new video games (one of which I'm currently trying NOT to throw through a window- CURSE YOU RADIATA STORIES AND YOUR LACK OF STORY!!!), and a bag full of books which I should REALLY start reading eventually. Not to mention the muses have all come out of the woodwork, including a couple I haven't talked to in AGES (and one I didn't HAVE until this weekend- y hat ani?), and they're all demanding stories. It's like it's already Christmas, cept with muses instead of family. ph34r t3h boredom post... PH34RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Anyway, not much is going on, hence why I'm bored. The nephew had his Christmas program for church on Sunday. The singing was cute-ish, but I think I'm getting a little Christmas Pageant-ed out. I go for the singing and then there's talking and I'm like, "wha? talking? where's the singing?!" So yeah, nephew was cute/wonderful/etc... coulda lived without the rest of the program. Other than that, I've pretty much been sitting around the house, burning cds for the sis, playing video games (CURSE YOU RADIATA STORIES) and making a general couch potato of myself.

Boots, Figaro, and Fordon- Tad says hi. ;D
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