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Home for the Holidays

Since I'm living off other people's internet for the next three weeks, I must make these posts whenever I have a moment. For instance, right now, I'm at my aunt's for my bro-in-law's b-day party. whoo! *whippin' glowsticks* hee, or not. Actually, they're watching the DVD from the UNL choir Choral Garland concert *is embarrassed*. Nothing says family like sitting around watching yourself on TV. snerk.

Anyway, had the BEST experience at Village Inn (FEEL the sarcasm). First, we get in there and sit down, yay... until the waitress brings out our drinks and promptly dumps a glass of ice water down my sister's back. I'm still reserving judgement at this point... until she does it to my nephew, too. This woman is a COMPLETE CLUTZ AND IDIOT! Couldn't have been more inept if she'd been TRYING. Now, I'm usually pretty sympathetic to people in service jobs like waitressing and whatnot, but... seriously, this was BAD. BAAAAAAAAAAD. We're suffering through it, I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt... until it took almost an hour for us to get our food. She didn't turn in the tickets or something. Finally, another waitress (who we later found out was off duty by this time, AND on her final day of work before starting maternity leave. God BLESS this woman) started taking care of our table, after we got our food and it was cold, and I didn't get MY food at all, I got something I didn't even order. Ended up getting the meal at half price, my bro-in-law got a free piece of pie for his b-day, which VI doesn't do anymore, AND we got a free pie to take home. All-in-all... not such a bad deal. Even if it was frustrating as hell.

On a happier note, Ani stayed over last night. It was a slumber party. XD We did all kinds of fun stuff- watched FMA, Ani got hijacked by my nephew to play Sonic, Ani gave me Pride.. who's still in my head (curse you). Yay and stuff.

Will attempt to update again when I get a chance. Hey, FotA, how's it going in the wide world? The Manifesto is progressing nicely >D *evil* Well, into the wilds of break, we go. Catch ya'll on the flip side.
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