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*Giggle* Snork

So much fun! We did clownning in acting class today. Hehe. Anyway, most funness was that, we're all discovering our "inner clowns" right? And everyone else is all like sweet or shy or whatever (okay, there were a few exceptions, but generally). My "inner clown" though, hehe, was not a nice clown, to put it mildly. I got to spend most of the time making fun of my improv partner. I never would have expected that frankly. I do occasionally play the straight man (or woman, as it may be) but this was a lot farther than I've ever taken it before. I was the only one like that. I was nice to let the snarkiness out that I normally just store up. I wonder what people who really know me-i.e. people who have LIVED with me- would feel if they compared their version of me to the version that the 'public' sees. I think some people might be surprised.

If there's one thing I've noticed about people, it's that they unfailingly see only what they want to see. It's why actors get typecast and why some people can never move past the age of 10 in their parents' eyes. Works both ways, of course, not always easy, though, to get people to see what YOU want to see. Ask David Copperfield.
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