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Ugh, Philosophy is FINALLY DONE. World of Classical Greece, too, but I'm kinda sad cause I liked that class, but FINALLY NO MORE PHILOSOPHY E.V.A.R!!!!!!!! Seriously, there's hatin' going on here, that class sucked majorly like whoa. See?! It's made me completely incoherent. And what's even better- I don't think I failed it... Don't think I aced it, either, but NO FAILAGE, WHEEEEEEEEE! Two more finals to go.

Roomie's moving out in the next couple days (hopefully tomorrow). Need more time. Lots more time. No time. ick. Room's a mess, but since it's a moving out, organized type mess, not much I can do about it. But the sooner she's out, the sooner Ani can get in (and apparently someone else is moving into Ani's old room in the endless cycle of musical rooms we've got going on up here). So Ani's gotta be completely out in time for this other girl to get in.. BEFORE 5:00. *sigh* Am I the only one foreseeing problems here? Specially if current roomie isn't planning on getting out till sometime Thursday or Thursday night?

Seems like everyone I know is either really depressed or having nervous breakdowns. I feel sad for everybody. *sad* Lots of bad stuff and bad stress all hitting at the same time = not happiness. If you are someone I know and are feeling sad/depressed/crazy or even just like your normal self... I <3 you all and hope you get lots better. Feel better, k? *huggles all and sundry*
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