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kitty mayhem

Boots, Tad, Figaro, and Fordon. The four Kitties of the Apocalypse. ph34r.

Hee, I'm happy that my Christmas gifts to the FotA went over well. All the kitties have finally been named, leaving us with Death's Boots, the yellow tabby; Plague's Tad, the siamese; Famine's Figaro, a black tuxedo; and War's Fordon, a calico. They're as close as I could get to the colors of the horses without spray painting the kitties. So go me.

Studying is killing my brain. Monday, that is tomorrow, should be pud, along with Thursday and Friday. Wednesday I am apprehensive about and I'm reserving judgement on Tuesday until I get there. There shall be some fun had, lots of stress, and eventually sleep and a dearth of computerage for about a month. The lack of internet (well.. it's dialup) might put a hamper in my plans just a bit. Hmm... must consider this problem carefully indeed... *ponders*
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