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where does the time go...no really, where?

I think I lost track of a couple days in there somewhere. Today is fine, I've pretty much established that today is Thursday, but for the life of me, yesterday just would not register as Wednesday. Mass confusion ensued.

On a lighter note, got to beat up on more people today in the continuing saga that is stage combat class. Can you tell how much I love this class? Maybe you can't. I shall repeat, I LOVE THIS CLASS. Only problem is, I apparently can't slap people. I'm squeamish. I can BE slapped, just can't slap others. Odd, no?

I've also come to the realization that for the last month or so, I have been living day to day waiting for Xenosaga Ep 2: (insert German words that I can't pronounce and don't remember right now). This video game promises to be the most excellent of video games(at least RPGs) that I, or anybody, has ever played. Maybe that's just my slight bias *cough*obsession*cough* speaking, but really, it's going to be cool. At the very least, even if it totally sucks, it should be able to hold me until either A)Bard's Tale drops in price so I decide to buy it or B)Finally Fantasy XII comes out. Whichever happens first. Or both. Whatever. And then, SIGH, then Harry Potter Book 6, and finally, November, Harry Potter movie 4 AND Kingdom Hearts 2 WITH AURON...AS A PLAYABLE CHARACTER!!! Incase some of you out there in TV land don't understand just how amazingly awesome that truly is, I don't even have words to allow you to understand. Unless you play Finally Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts (hehe, Leon/Squall, squueeeee). As a matter of fact, just to let you all experience the true coolnes that is Squaresoft (I refuse to call them by the inferior title "square-enix" or the marginally better but still lame "squenix") and all that they produce. Let us bow down to the gaming gods that are Squaresoft.

Only sadness in the future: last ep of Andromeda. I've been following this show since the beginning (okay, I lie, I've been following the show since I saw how much of a freaking genius both Gordon Michael Wolvett and his character Seamus Harper are in 'Harper 2.0' my fav ep of all time) and now the end is in sight. Sadness. Luckily I have the first two seasons on DVD and #3 is on the way :) So I shall not be Harperless. Besides, he hasn't been getting the attention he deserves on Seefra. If they'd given a chance instead of going through with all Dylan's hairbrained schemes, he would have gotten them out of the system five eps ago with a toothbrush and aluminum foil. Trust in the Harper, the Harper is good. :) Till later folks, same Bat time, same Bat channel.
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