Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

meme be ganked

January:An interesting idea, allowing other people to see my thoughts. Not directly, you know, though that might be interesting... (heh, my first LJ post ever)
February:Yay! It's a new month! Yay! I have a whole new set of kitties on my kitty calendar! Yay! I'm one month closer to summer vacation! Yay! And my birthday's in two weeks! Yay! That means I get presents and money! YAY!
March:Show closing is today, which also means strike is today, but with like 50 people helping out, it shouldn't take too long.
April:I hate April Fool's Day. I despise it. If it was a person, I would rip it's heart out with a spork.
May:Okay, it's now *checks clock* a quarter after 4 in the morning.
July:Wow. Um... yeah... it's been over a month.
August:Well, back to school for me.
September:So, last night was First Friday
October:So, uh, hi. Happy October, everyone.
November:YAY! My Saiyuki OAV is here! w00t.
December:Envy is slowly but surely taking up more and more space in my brain...

Okay... now... gonna get that paper done.. really......
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