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more combat class :)

This entry only has a little bit to do with stage combat class, but I just like how people go "gwah!?" whenever combat gets into a title. :) So, anyway, I'll mention the combat part first, then I'll move on to other things. It has to do with the fact that I have possibly the coolest little nephew ever. I mean, he's seven, right, and he plays video games better than I do. Okay, a slight exaggeration, but still, you get the point. (And in case he's checking this out with his mom--HI DYL!!!) But I was trying to show my sister some of the stuff we've been learning, and she's freaking out, so I go to my nephew, who, remember, is SEVEN. And I'm like, okay, just trust me and pretend I'm choking you. After we cleared up the little technical things--tuck you chin in, hold on to my arm, etc--I swear, the boy's a natural at getting choked! :) Seriously, he actually acted like I was choking him (and no, I wasn't REALLY choking him) but the boy is an actor born. I think I've known this ever since he tried to blackmail me, and he'd only been talking in full sentences for like a couple months. Don't tell his parents, but I plan on corrupting him with even more video games this summer when I babysit him. Hilarity will ensue.

On to other topics, I'm writing to take my mind off studying, because I was starting to feel guilty for not studying, so I figured, eh, might as well do something that will require just enough thought that I won't think about studying, but that I won't actually be thinking either. But this last sentence has got me thinking about studying again, which is the whole reason I'm writing, so on to other things. :)

I've recently aquired a facebook account, over at www.thefacebook.com. There has been a bit of a facebook craze going on over here (meaning at UNL) and I've been caught up in it. I used to be very non-conformist in high school, believe it or not (ha, says the girl with the livejournal) so I find it odd, that now that I'm in college, I suddenly feel the urge to be involved MORE with my peers, rather than less. Of course, assuming either of these things will actually connect me to my peers. Ha, much ha, again.

Also fun news in my life at the moment, I just got my highest high score ever playing Yahoo! TextTwist. 431,300 points. Can you imagine how insanely high that score is? Maybe you can't. Maybe you've never played TextTwist. So I shall enlighten you. You can score between 3,000 to 10,000 points (roughly) for a round, if you get all the words. Getting less means you get fewer points. I don't have anymore than maybe a 50-50 chance of getting all the words, just because some (like aver and rhea) I'm not even sure ARE words. More on that later. Anyway, so I'm cruising along, I want to say it was Saturday night. I'm doing good, rack up, we'll say, in the vicinity of 130,000 points. Not a bad score for me, but not my best at the time, either. I decide to play my luck. I put the computer on stand-by and head to bed. Sunday, I have no free time until pretty late at night. I flip the comp on, play for another couple hours. I surpassed my previous high score and ended up with give or take about 200,000. Which is pretty awesome. Especially for me, I usually get in the range of 60-90,000 before I die. So here it is, Monday morning, and I'm still playing TextTwist. I eventually have to go to class. I leave the game at some 250,000, a tidy sum. After class, I decide to make it an all or nothing thing and just start playing. Didn't do much homework that night. The total kept climbing and climbing. I was in the TextTwist Zone. I could spell no wrong. I pause, take a breather. I've scored something like 429,000. This was an amazing feeling. I hit the next round button. Disaster strikes. I get the letters "s,c,m,o,i,t." What the EF is that supposed to spell?! I frantically try combinations as my time clicks down: 2 min, 1 min 30sec, 30sec. The buzzer hits zero, I have not spelled the word. I die with 431,300 points. What word beat me, you ask? SITCOM. An effing word that's NOT EVEN REALLY A WORD! It's an ABBREVIATION! Needless to say, I was a bit put out.

Sigh, the homework apathy is overwhelming, but I fear I must sign off to go write answers to inane psychology questions that have nothing to do with anything we're learning. Until later, be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!
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