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wheeeeeeeeeeeee, yay for computers at grandma's house, w00t!

HEY! I stole internet access to make this oh-so-special holiday post. I seem to remember doing this last year, too. I'm pathetically predictable, I know. ;D

First off, I'd like to say that manga has officially ruined me. I brought my 'Get Fuzzy' book with me for some light holiday reading, and I was trying to read it last night when I realized THAT I WAS TRYING TO READ ALL THE STRIPS BACKWARDS! I kept trying to read the strips from right to left instead of left to right and getting really frustrated at myself. So yeah, anime and manga have ruined me for normal life. sigh.

Also, while we're speaking of the invasion of Japanese culture, about which I am NOT complaining (anything's better than another reality show), I was watching the Macy's Day Parade today, and the show 'HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi' has its own float, including the singers who sang an okay song. And I just sat there going... 'wow...' cause yeah. And are they really considered j-ROCK? Cause I wouldn't think of them as that, but then they aren't really j-pop either. hmm.. any comments?

Thanksgiving is going well. I don't believe I could eat another bite.. Of course, I know I will, anyway, but my brain will protest vehemently.

I would just like to say that I officially have the coolest family E.V.A.R.!!!!!! We're sitting down to dinner today, not very many of us cause our big dinner is on Saturday, but there's like nine of us there, and I have no idea how we got on to the topic but we were suddenly talking about killing animals in slaughterhouses and stuff... while we're all eating.. and NO ONE was bothered by this AT ALL. It was hilarious. We're just all eating and laughing and trying to decide whether there were just some parts of the animal that should REALLY be thrown away, or if it's alright to eat the chicken feet (blood pudding may have also been mentioned). And then my dad brings up (you can tell we're all from farming backgrounds) that THEY used to kill cows by shooting them contrary to the stun gun to the head that my aunt, who worked at a feedlot, was used to dealing with. And my brother said castration time is WAY worse than slaughtering animals.... and this conversation lasted a good ten or so minutes..........

Yeah, I've got the best family EVAR.
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