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I'm up to like 7 1/2 pages now... if I actually work on it tonight instead of mucking about with other stuff, I should get it done in a couple of hours. Yay and stuff.

So, I spent the whole night coughing, which isn't very fun. I don't feel tired, so I must have slept at some point, but still. I think the roomie's upset with me, but what can she really say? "Plan your illnesses better so you don't keep me up with your coughing?" Yeah, I don't think that'd be a very good argument, either. Dang it, and I'm still coughing, too. I hate coughing more than any other aspect of illness because I can't control it at all and it hurts, bleh. I swear it's the plague (and from the way the roomie's been blowing her nose lately, I just may have given it to her... oops). At least my ear is cooperating now.

Altogether then, the final tally today is illness-1, plague-ridden fangirl-0, but yay the paper's almost done, then I can die.

Finally- Sasuke's NOW an *evil*-possessed, quasi-demonic angstmuffin WITH WINGS! Yes, you read write, he now has wings, but only in curse seal level 2 mode... which sounds so much like it belongs in Power Rangers. But meh.

Also, why is LJ being so dang slow the last few days? *annoyed*
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