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So... looking at my old posts, I've realized that the ratio of posts/day is directly proportional to the amount of stuff I have to get done.

In other news, I'm 55% done with my paper. Yes, I have 5 1/2 pages, and I'm going strong... well, sorta, in the 'I still have lots I can write about but this is boring so I'm still putting it off' sort of way. (I'm really hoping none of my family members will read this until AFTER I get the paper done... they tend to freak whenever they realize that I'm not quite the good student they think I am.. meep) But, yeah, the stupid intarweb died this morning for some reason, so I was forced to write on my paper because I had nothing else (interesting) to do. Which just goes to show how quickly I COULD have had this paper done, had I cared- wrote a page this morning in just under a half hour. And the previous 4 1/2 pages had taken me about three days or so. Yeah, I'm procrastinating....

Finally- Sasuke is STILL an angstmuffin, but he is now an *evil*-possessed, quasi-demonic angstmuffin which means even more AAAAAAAAAANGST!!!
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