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okay, seriousness time

'Kay, folks, call for help. I've got some serious writing to do over the next *counts* five days. I've got a ten page philosophy paper (a first draft only THANK GOD) that was nominally due Friday but which the teacher pushed back to Tuesday (and we all know how much I *LOVE* extended deadlines- can you feeeeeeeeeel the sarcasm?). Anyway.... I've got an intro done... and that's it. I haven't even really looked over my sources that much yet. Soooooooo pretty much... I'm screwed unless I get my hiney in gear (and this first draft is 13% of our final grade) sooooooooooo HELP. I know there are some writers out there (yuuo, queenboudicca, krillia I'm looking at you guys ESPECIALLY) SEND ME WRITING VIBES! I'm sick (literally), sick and tired (figuratively), and just plain TIRED of this stupid class and now I have to write 10 pages on the paradox of time travel... meep....

So, not to be pushy or anything, or sound overly whiny, but I know I will never get this stupid thing done without some encouragement (and probably long hours and much desparation- see what happened the LAST time I pulled an allnighter over a paper. And that time I actually already had five pages of it done... unlike now. Check on my progress over the next few nights and we may find a similar insanity. Ah the joys of livejournal. Anyway, if you DON"T want me to go insane (or even if you do, who knows, it may be as fun as last time):

Make with the vibes, people, pronto with the vibes....

Thank you, for your time, and good night.
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