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If you were in Hagaren... by MahouBunnyBell
Best friendGreed
Worst EnemyPride
Person you'd killEdward
Person that kills youHohopapa
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What is you Hagaren Mary-Sue identity? by hitokiri_ninie
Your Name:
Your Mary-Sue Name:Amethyst
The Item you always carry:A philosopher's stone: but you only uses it when you REALLY needs it, because it drains you of your health (WTF?)
Your Unnatural Appearence:Blond and beautiful hair, all wavy. Grey eyes, like a stormy sky. Perfect body.
Your OOC Love Interest:Roy Mustang-taisa
Your Usual Clothing:Blood red coat, and big boots.
Your Annoying Powers:You are the best alchemist in the world, and you could beat all the State Alchemists and Scar without moving.
Your Annoying Origin:You are an orphan who works for the homonculus (WTF?) and you are beaten and abused until your love interest saves you.
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What type of alchemist are you? (Hagaren) by corenna
Alchemist typeNational
NicknameThe Dark Alchemist
Seen the Truth?Yes
Last seen in...Ishval
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Fullmetal Alchemist: You as a State Alchemist by SilvernFalcon
Favorite alchemist?:
Favorite homunculus?:
Your alchemy element:Water
Your alchemist name:Wood Alchemist
Roy Mustang...:...Treats you like you are his younger sister.
Edward Elric...:...Has a picture of you.
Scar...:...Thinks you are an Ishbalian.
Envy...:...Thinks you adore him.
Your alchemy success percentage:: 66%
Your rank:Colonel
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How would you die in fullmetal alchemist by fullmetalfan
Who and why did they kill you.Lust because she didn't like you
Who tries to save youEdward
Why did they try to save youbecause they didn't want to their best friend die
Who cried a your fural besides your parentsEdward
How sad were people when you died: 79%
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