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I WIN!!!

w00t!!!! I win so MUCH! because........ I've now successfully taught my computer to write in JAPANESE! So if I wanna type about 犬夜叉’s ears looking more like a 猫’s than a 犬’s mwhahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaa I CAN! And yes, I'm sure I've just mangled someone's eyeballs by typing that like that (sorry krill and jen and anyone else out there who can actually read japanese) but I was just kinda excited that for ONCE my computer listened to me and did what I wanted it to do instead of trying to kill my brain... yeah. Basically, I still have no idea what I'm saying (most of the time) but I'm slowly teaching myself Japanese and the big thing is that my comp is cooperating. So yay.

And no I'm not obsessive. (ani)

edit: Oh yeah, and this seems amusing... For one, this morning, the roomie opened the blinds while both her host sister, who's here for the weekend from germany, and me were still trying to sleep (and considering last night was anime club, I didn't exactly get to bed early)... if that wasn't inconsiderate, I don't know what is, but it's also just plain weird. And now.... instead of spending time together because her host sister is HERE for the WEEKEND from GERMANY... the roomie's sitting over on the futon doing homework while her host sis is doing something on the internet... now maybe it's normal across the pond, but generally when people visit from a long way away... don't you want to spend time WITH them, not just in the same ROOM as them?
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