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omg avoiding homework wheeeeeeee!

First off, if you like Hughes and Roy AT ALL go watch this!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, the long awaited con summary... okay, well, I'm trying to avoid homework so right now I don't care if you wanna read this or not, I'm typing it up. ;P so there.

Okies, Friday was yay. I was a catgirl that day.... but I'm not sure I got any pics of my costume *sad*. I haven't gotten my role of pics developed yet, so I'm hoping there's one on my film, but krillia's and youko_astarael's pics are a nope. Although a lot of them are funny/really good. Gonna wait till I get my pics back this weekend to post any, but I will also have the pics from the professional photographer guy, so POSTING MADNESS! w00t.

Anyway, Friday, Ani and I met Krill there at the con. Opening ceremonies were amusing, but I could tell by the general looks of confusion that it the skits were a LOT funnier to the people who got the injokes. Like anything about Squall.

The fanfic panel run by Krill and her roomie was fun. There were about ten of us in there the whole time, although only seven were actually there to talk about fanfic. ;D I think the others had just wandered in, not knowing what to expect. And yuuo if you ever start talking about that squick fic again, I swear I will have to do something drastic. This is why I don't trawl HP fic anymore. sheesh. Overall it was a good time, even though we didn't do as much talking about fic as much as about fandom in general.

Then I went to the dealer's room with Krill, each of us making strict promises to each other that Friday would be a "browsing only" day. You can guess how long that resolution lasted. Luckily I only spent two bucks that day, on the prettiest bishie poster you ever did see. Krill spent $4, so I feel I lose at not buying less than she does. ;D Then we headed down to the FMA panel, run by yuuo, which we really had meant to be in time for but... there was so much pretty stuff in the dealer's room that we kinda forgot about the time. But we did manage to get there for a the spoilers portion and for some fun discussion. After that, we skipped out and headed back to my room with a couple others to fangirl and squee and all such typical post-con afterparty type stuff. McDonald's saved the day by staying open late and all was well. Ani and Krill stayed over, so we had a sleepover, yay! Luckily the roomie was gone the whole weekend, so our giggling and such at 2AM (hopefully) wasn't disturbing anybody.

Saturday! The full day of con goodness. I dislike getting up early. Just in general but specifically on weekends. So getting up Sat morning was kinda hard, then I remembered that I really wanted to see Squall get his butt kicked by Matt, one of the guests at the con, which happened early in the morning, so we had to get going.

I was Winry on Saturday. I actually do have pics of that which shall be coming. Ani went as Grey from the webcomic Inhuman, who, if you don't know, looks like this. I did her scars. They looked pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself. XD

Ahem... then there was the dating game... where Cassie and I were the only same sex couple the entire day... yeah. Don't know how she managed that one, but I claim NO responsibility. Then Blonde Squall has the nerve to make the final question: "If I were pocky, how would you eat me"... ARGH! It was funny, though. The boy needs to be slapped upside the head (which I did ;D) a few times, but it was funny. Then I got sold in the date auction. Cassie and I decided that, since we were already a couple, we'd go up as a pair. We sold for $50 yay. I think the only one who went for more total was the ninja, who was bought by a harem, anyway.

...Then I made the mistake of returning to the dealer's room... and spending a lot of money. Let's just say I won't be buying ANYTHING else for a while... including food. But I did get lots of pretty stuff. After I finish my homework today, I'm gonna totally rearrange my posters to make room for all the new additions.

The cosplay was one of the highlights of the weekend. yuuo was very adorable as poor Al looking for his brother. *sniffle* Others were good, too. Pics of the favs upcoming. Ani's friend Holly, who was visiting for the day, got picked to be a judge. She was a bit overwhelmed that day, what with everything... (including walking around with three crazy yaoi fangirls all day). Hopefully we didn't scar her for life. I perfected the Winry butt-wiggle... possibly also upcoming... who knows. Then we all (read: the large mass of people we had accumulated by this time) made a run to Wendy's (which I think I'm now banned from, but it seriously wasn't *entirely* our fault. The guy at the drive through was an idiot) and headed over to yuuo's room to watch FMA. We watched a couple eps, some amvs, and stuff, then headed back to Neihardt... to watch more FMA. After which we completely crashed and died back up in my room.

Sunday there was sleepiness again. Managed to SOMEHOW drag ourselves out of bed (or futon, or beanbag, as the case may be) and head out. We were all oh-so-sparkly that day (see eventual pics). I'd made little pink sparklies and decided it'd be more fun to share them, so we all three had sparklies.

Made the UBER mistake of going to the dealer's room AGAIN. Spent MORE money... sigh. At least I wasn't the only one going broke on pretties. Krill won't be eating for a while either. I feel validated. Plus it's her fault for pulling out the pretty pics to show me anyway. So nyah.

The amv contest was great. I laughed, I sniffled... I think I screamed myself hoarse. Exchanged contact info with our new friends the j-rock cosplayers (again.. pics are coming... eventually). Yay for yuuo, who won best overall. There were some AMAZING ones there, and many many pretties.

Closing was sad, I didn't want to leave. Krill was especially sad cause it's her last Nebraskon. She's gonna be graduated and somewhere else by the next one. Everybody said goodbye, Becky and Squall looked like their heads were gonna esplode, Squall and Tony dueled (again... pics). A fun time was had by all. The end.

Weeeeeeelllll... not ENTIRELY the end. We did discuss who might be coming to the con next year, guest-wise.... Three names were dropped, although I don't know if any of them will be able to come, they're all pretty popular on the con circuit, but... DAVID BOREANAZ, VIC MIGNOGNA and !!!!GREG AYRES!!!!!!!!!!! Oh MAN, if they all come (heck I'd settle for any ONE of them coming.. *cough*GREGAYRES*cough*) I think I'll just keel over and die of sheer fangirl overload. And if I somehow manage to put together the Son Goku costume I want to do... and Greg Ayres is there (who voice Goku)... I'm gonna die... I'm. Just. Gonna. DIE! D. I. E. DIE! OMG LIKE WHOA!

So yeah, the weekend was full of way more fangirling than is probably healthy by any means, but it was what I needed to break me out of my mid-semester slump. Even made up a new song (sung to the tune of "I like swords".. if you don't know that, just make up your own tune)

I like bishies
I really like bishies
I like bishies
I really do.
I like bishies
I really like bishies
Hey, I'm a fangirl
I like bishies.

My comp is now sparkly, I am happy, and I have lots of new pretties. So yay and stuff. Off to do homework. bleh.

And I'm the first to post the con report on my f-list. Yay me, I win.

Edit: fine, Ani wins. She posted first... but mine is still cooler, more complete, and... more... yeah. I win too.
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