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weekend madness

Wow, don't even know where to start about this weekend. It was so amazingly fun... and my brain stopped working a couple hours ago. I think maybe I'll wait till tomorrow to post my reflections on this weekend. I'll probably be a little more coherent.

krillia = YAY! I've watched that Vanilla Live vid you gave me like three times now. Yeah... I'm falling in love with j-rock. How scary is that. You really are corrupting me. ;D Also, the... reading material you gave me has been most interesting. I've only had time to get through one of them but it was good. btw, how's Roy adjusting to his new habitat?

The pictures from this weekend are all pretty good. I'll pick and choose and post a couple up here after youko_astarael and I get ours developed. Fishfood's the only one who had the good sense to get a digital cam(you know we love you Krill ;DD). I would get one except that I never take pics... except very rarely, like this weekend.

Spent a lot of money, yay. Among things bought: posters(I'm going to wallpaper my room XD), con t-shirt, and a replica of Ed's pocket watch from FullMetal Alchemist. It's ticking away beside me right now. Much fun.

I need sleep... bed at 9:30? perhaps.... I shall write more completely about this weekend when I have a brain... yay
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